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Produced the best Scottish Highlander herd in the United States

Carroll Shatney bred the best Scottish Highlander herd in the United States. Carroll has passed away but his son and wife still raise Highlanders. 


Oh, it took a long while to create this new site. Making something simple is not always easy but here it is and this blog is part of it:


John Hadden created it. He lives  under the shadow the Lion Couchant (You know what resting lion is? “Lion Couchant” so said Champlain in French, when he first saw the mountain from Lake Champlain. It is now called Camel’s Hump but I don’t know who gave it that name.

John is a photographer and what we call a web master. I met him when I gave a talk and one thing led to another. What he knows so well is how to impress the intangible meaning of The Vermont Way on a web site.

We started with black and white, which I am known for in this country. The design he created is simple, direct, honest and displays the depth of an image in a personal way (at least I think so). Tell me your first impression of this web site— what is good, bad, left out or forgotten.

The dressing room at a 1956 Dior fashion show

The dressing room at a 1956 Dior fashion show

I do want to have my books and photographs recognized in England, China, Japan, France and Germany, so we’ll have a translation system installed. What these people like are rural Americans (and for the Germans and French—cowboys and Indians and the wide, wide west.) Boy, could I show them some areas in the Great Plains where fer’ners never tread).

I have paid little attention to my blog and now I will have to write regularly to bleed some of the air
out of my brain.

We had a beautiful warm day. Then it snowed and was raw as a grizzly’s sore throat. I am finally over a flu siege, out of bed, weak and slow moving as a slug. Have to do lots of hiking (well, in my condition it is called walking.) This winter ice and thin snow was not friendly to skiers, snowshoers, snowmobilers or just walking into the woods on a day when billowing snow flakes parachuted down and created a depth of silence.

A wind is blowing from the northwest—we call it an Alberta Clipper.

Love to all, walk in beauty. peter.

Will and Rowena,  Vermont Icons, died in the early 1960's.

Will and Rowena, Vermont Icons, died in the early 1960’s.


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