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Hatred. Violence. Fear

National Museum of Art

Midnight, 8 November. Stars so bright overhead, the big dipper low on the horizon. A frost layed down coating of ice on the deck railing. A black night save for the hope lit in the stars.

It is election day and there is a clenching in my body as if I chugalugged a bottle of anxiety. Sadness at what has become of the country I love. I have walked in the path of beauty in all things. Now there is this squeeze within, the desperate foreboding that this election has changed what America and I have stood for.

The anger and hatred that raised the hairs on the back of my neck on that day spent in Dachau in 1982…it is back, this Dachau disease.

A moral compass directed my life but now the foundation of my soul has been crushed, stamped upon, swore at.

Hatred. Violence. Fear.


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